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Sport Knives

High-Quality Sport Knife Brands

Brands we carry:

  • Benchmade
  • Kershaw
    • ZT
  • Buck
  • Spyderco
  • Esee
  • Cold Steel
  • Outdoor Edge
  • Ontario
  • Boker
  • Magnum
  • KA-Bar

Benchmade Knife Company

Benchmade knives are manufactured in Oregon. Benchmade Knife Company takes pride in producing the highest quality precision manufactured product for their customers. Benchmade is dedicated to the end user, evidenced by their continued research for quality steel and materials to supply a durable product for use in a variety of applications.

We have carried Benchmade knives since the company began, and we now stock more than 300 different Benchmade Knives and accessories. Benchmade has maintained a high standard for American-made products that have only increased in their quality. They produce automatic knives (switch blade) and OTF (out the front) or stiletto blades, as well as your basic opening knives. Benchmade uses state of the art steel and different handle materials to create knives that suit a variety of uses.

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw is a popular Oregon-based knife company and many of their knives are made in Oregon. Kershaw Knives offers assisted-opening features in many of their knife models, as well as diverse designs and features from handle color and material to blade design and steels. They offer knives at a wide range of prices to fit every budget. Kershaw also produces automatic knives. We stock almost every model of Kershaw’s durable pocket, hunting and fishing knives.


Buck Knives was established in 1902 and since that time they have maintained a high-quality standard for knife-making. The majority of Buck knives are made in the U.S. They offer a wide variety of blade steels, designs and handle materials to suit your needs. Buck makes the knife our Grandpas used to carry in their pockets–the one, two or three-blade in the pocket knife. Their current line of knives entices both the old and the new knife enthusiast. Buck produces hunting knives, fishing knives, scissors, tactical blades and more.

Additional Brands

The following additional brands share the integrity and quality of the above brands, and would make excellent additions to any tool collection:
Cold Steel, Leatherman, Sog, Bear & Sons, Spyderco, Ka-Bar, Ontario, Outdoor Edge, Boker/Magnum and more.